Why are we better?

Quality   ––––   latest hot cars with low mileage and superb condition
With our strict company policy on incoming vehicles and our professional experience, each and every car is carefully selected to ensure that only the highest standard automobiles are in our stock-list.

Integrity   ––––   no frauds, no tricks, no gimmicks
Unlike some, we treat you fairly with honesty and integrity. This has always been the rationale of our clients and staff. We take pride in our good reputation in the field.

Client relationship   ––––   treating you the best
We understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with our clients. This is not, and never will be your final car. Our satisfied customers often come back for repeated purchase and would recommend us to their friends.

Passion   ––––   best people + best effort = best cars
Our members of staff share the genuine pleasure of driving and the strong passion in cars. With our professional experience and knowledge, we are dedicated to the perfection in every sale from beginning to delivery.

Sing Wai Motors

has been serving the automobile market for more than 20 years in Hong Kong. In this highly competitive business, we have grown from a small shop to one of the leaders in this field.

Our success is built on one simple philosophy ––––
Beyond the expectations on pre-owned cars

At Sing Wai, we are proud to offer you the highest quality pre-owned automobiles. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing customers drive away with a positive and easy experience. You will notice the difference when you come in and speak with us.

We invite you to browse our inventory and call, e-mail or just stop by to find the perfect vehicle. We look forward to meeting you.


只賣靚車 ── 哩數低、質素高、年份新

誠信為本 ── 不做假、不行騙、不取巧
做生意無信不立, 本公司廿多年來信譽良好,客人自然能購得有保證的心頭好。

客人至上 ── 你的長久拍擋

熱誠專業 ── 給你最好